Asia First was formed in 2004 and has since become a leading South East Asian real estate investment company, with a reputation for; sourcing compelling investment opportunities; delivering candid, unbiased market information to prospective clients; conducting exhaustive due diligence on new developments and having an unparalleled level of local knowledge of real estate projects in the region. Although the core team is comparatively small, the Asia First strategic network of developers, lawyers, financiers, marketing partners and investment analysts is vast.

Asia First is involved in real estate projects in Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, The Philippines and Indonesia. These are the countries it deems to be the most ‘investor friendly’ whilst offering excellent growth potential.

Asia First has a global marketing presence through alliances with effective sales partners in London, Dublin, Stockholm, Dubai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Moscow. There are three main elements to the Asia First business, which are more often than not interwoven.